Agreement Farming: The New Face of Traditional Farming

The production is increasing agro-technologies that proclaimed the process of the environment-friendly change and made India food safe and secure. The benefits of high-quality seed, prompt watering and fertilizing with enhanced technology were observed as the greater efficiency with quality production. Farmers face market volatility at the time of marketing their fruit and vegetables. As a result, the Federal government began obtaining some commonly cultivated agri-commodities at Minimum Assistance Rate (MSP). The cultivation of various other plants not sustained by MSP comes to be high-risk and undesirable, subsequently inappropriate diversification of farming plants caused over-production of particular commodities and under-production of certain agri-commodities.

The unremunerative returns compelled farmers to try to find alternatives to farming. The Contract farming urges farmers to safeguard themselves from market volatility abnormally cost crash as a result of over manufacturing. KW agric technology The is a step in the direction of accomplishing ensured revenue by offering the farmers enhanced advertising and marketing channels with or without better seeds, other inputs, financial support and technical knowledge.

What is Agreement farming?

Contract farming is not entirely brand-new to our country. The success of Milk Cooperatives and Sugar Cooperatives explains the depth and reach of contracting to farm in India. It is a formal agreement between manufacturers farmers and customers typically cpus or merchants. Contract farming can be specified as a contract between farmers and having firms for the production and supply of agricultural products under advancement arrangements, often at established rates.


Agreement Farming: The New Face of Traditional Farming

The basis being a dedication on the part of the farmer to give a details asset in quantities and at top quality standards identified by the purchaser, and a dedication on the part of the firm to sustain the farmer’s production and to buy the product. Acquiring farming allows companies to participate in and exert control over the production process without having or operating the ranches. The arrangements can differ by crops and by contracting companies. The agreements may be for market support contracts are pre-harvest contracts essentially between company and farmers to a specific set of problems for the sale and purchase of the plant. The contract defines cost, quality and pricing;

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