Viagra – A Relief for Men Haunted with ED

“What terrible times I had when I was the age of my kids? They don’t have to undergo the same despondent feelings my wife and I had to endure”, you lazily say to yourself as the hammock sways to and fro in the gentle breeze. You still dread the day you were diagnosed with erectile dysfunction. “Impotence won’t affect my kids,” you think assuredly looking at the magic blue pill in your hand.

Viagra has replaced the reliance on painful surgeries and therapies with the popping habit. Viagra was the first approved prescription pill for the treatment of ED. Erectile dysfunction is the sexual dysfunction of men characterized by the inability of the penis to attain and maintain sufficient erection for satisfactory and enjoyable sex.

For long, ED was considered as a potential relationship-breaker by the affected patients. Men and women were reporting emotional upheavals and other physical ailments directly to indirectly attributable to ED. The treatments available were not very popular owing to their invasive and painful nature.

Advent of Viagra

The advent of Viagra carisoprodol 350 mg in itself was nothing more than accidental. Sildenafil Citrate – the active ingredient of Viagra – had been in use for the treatment of angina for the past 20 years. The results for the treatment of angina were not very positive. But sildenafil citrate proved to be a boon for the sufferers of ED. 4 out of 5 patients showed promising signs in the clinical trials. And the rest is history.

Viagra - A Relief for Men Haunted with ED

Viagra works within 14 minutes of its intake, in some cases. The effects of the drug last up to 4 hours in some cases. With minimal side effects, Viagra became overnight hit and has posted record sales since its launch. The patients, after a proper prescription from the doctor, can buy Viagra online. The privacy and convenience of the patients are generally well looked after by the sites dealing with Viagra online

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