What Type of Tube Fitting Should You Install On Dairy And Milking Machines?

Dairy cattle are extracted or milked by milking machine. Structure and function of the milking machine, is designed to remove quickly and effectively without damaging the nipples and glands. It is important to minimize the risk of mastitis infection caused by pathogenic microorganisms. The only way for organisms that cause mastitis to enter the nipple is through the muscular space. This is because the remaining line of milk and glands is the same, and the blood vessels are open to remove the muscles, and the glands are susceptible to potential intra-mammary infections.

The machine includes a pacifier cup that contacts the teat to remove milk, a nipple when the nipple is removed from the four nipples, a vacuum tube that provides a vacuum for the teat cup and a vacuum source to remove the nipple. teat milk And pulsators to adjust the vacuum switching cycle. Today, many milking machines have automatic take-off (ATO or Detachers), and when milking is complete, the machine is removed from the cows. More so, numerous milking mechanism systems are used tocoupled to the computer systems that control the machine and produce data on livestock and milk during milking. The following description is an overview of the whole milking machine.

The size of the dairy operations regarding to the size of the cow, is the main factor in choosing the right milking parlor and tubes fitting. We have excellent regards for the dairy industry which is why we have the best instrumentation for milking milk in the world using a stainless steel threaded connection manufactured to provide specialization. But what kind of equipment must be installed on the milking machine? To facilitate the manufacture of these machines, we offer pressure accessories that are ideal for all applications in the food industry.

 Use of Automatic and Mechanical Machinery in the Dairy and Milking Industry

Mechanical assistance (reducing manual labor and work) was mainly used in the late 1950s. However, as technology progresses and the structure of the industry changes, the milking machine is constantly improving.

The most popular type of ‘milking machines’ used today are;.

  1. Portable milking machine: suitable for small cows (up to 20)
  2. Barn milking systems: It is installed in cattle farm with about 20-100 cows.
  3. Milking parlours: Built on a large farm. They are different types (over 100 cows)

Types of milking parlors:

  • Side opening parlor (tandem)
  • Herringbone parlor (fish bones)
  • Parallel parlor (side by side)
  • Spin parlor (carousel, Turstiled)
  • Swing parlor (Salon)

The Tube Fitting Needed Depends on the Machine’s Application

Like the rest of the food and beverage industry, the dairy sector also needs excellent pneumatic couplings and pneumatic fittings for processing, sterilizing, pasteurizing, washing, filling and packaging dairy products. Another method of requiring high quality fittings that meet current industry standards is a milking system for a milking machine.

Another type of tube that is needed is a vacuum tube that provides a vacuum to the shell of the tooth and a milk tube to remove the milk from the cow.

What Type of Tube Fitting Should You Install On Dairy And Milking Machines?

The Milk Transport System

When milk is obtained by milking, it is placed in a more hygienic environment. It is a room full of milk rooms, namely stainless steel pipes, collection bottles and milk pumps. This piece has a cold pasteurizer. It is necessary to remember that there is no continuous flow of milk. Therefore, it is collected and transported in batches.

All dairy industries be it precision pipe fittings, push-in fittings, or KP-LOK toggle valves, we are providing  safe food and beverages and ensures good food security, consistency and reliability and the right products to walk to the forefront of all the requirements. Please contact us immediately!

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